Mid-July update

“the evidence from this study is overwhelming – organic food is high in antioxidants and lower in toxic metals and pesticides.”

HIV reemerges in ‘cured’ US baby

Earth’s magnetic field weakening even faster now

Russian scientists rebuilding Tesla tower

Scientists make progress in learning how to protect gut bacteria from antibiotics

BC news- LNG proposals could collapse salmon run

BC debt hits record high

Eagle shot wins drone photography award

World UFO Day recently passed FYI



July 1st, 2014

Riot control drones!

Obama signs into law new protections for the ocean

President Obama has unveiled new measures aimed at protecting marine life from pollution and over-fishing. The United States will create the world’s largest ocean preserves by expanding federally protected waters in the Pacific Ocean. In a video message to the State Department’s “Our Oceans” summit, Obama also unveiled new curbs on illegal fishing.

President Obama: “Today, I’m building on that progress by directing the federal government to create a national strategy to combat black market fishing that threatens our oceans, undermines our economy, and often supports dangerous criminals. And like Presidents Clinton and Bush before me, I’m going to use my authority as president to protect some of our most precious marine landscapes, just like we do for mountains and rivers and forests. These are just a few of the steps the United States is taking to keep our oceans strong and healthy.”

Under Obama’s plan, the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument would expand from 87,000 square miles to more than 782,000 square miles.    (from Democracy Now,  June 19th)

Sky cars on the way , to be built in Tel Aviv

Pesticides linked to bee deaths must be banned say scientists

Uber-rich guy warns..the pitchforks are coming!

First ever ban for plastic microbeads in Illinois a good step to curb useless pollution

The hellish pit of Turkmenistan could be next tourist trap

hellish pit

Mid-June update

Mega-banks and modern day barons buying up stakes in world water supplies

Russia cutting off gas to Ukraine on Monday

Pope Francis warns world economy  cannot survive if it continues to be based on inequality and war

Online anonymity central to privacy rights Supreme Court rules

300 scientists tell Canadian PM that the Northern Gateway pipeline is flawed and unscientific

Godfather of ecstasy, Shulgin, passes away

Lead being released into the atmosphere from aviation fuel

Koalas hug trees to lose heat

End of May Headlines…

UK to run out of oil, gas, coal in 5 years

Funky green blobs in the Andes mountains






Matter will be created from light within a year say scientists

Wall Street barons buying up the world’s water

Project August tracks dreams and their ability to predict future events

Russia/China gas deal a major roadblock to the success BC LNG? You read and be the judge….

Coffee may be good for your eyes

3D printable mask fools facial recognition software

Remote gun control in the works?

Does long hair actually aid intuition?

Mid-May Madness

Huge Antarctic ice sheet collapsing

Norway works on thorium for it’s potential to create much less harmful nuclear reactors

AM radio waves affect migrating birds

Yahoo stops honouring Do Not Track Setting, most companies already don’t honour requests

Vampire therapy could reverse ageing- transfusions of youthful blood

Europe’s dirtiest man sleeps in bed of ashes






War on drugs a global failure according to London School of Economics

Uruguay marijuana legalisation makes a gram cost less than a buck

A brief look at Uruguay’s modest practical president- something rare among politicians

Mayday Headlines

Japan launches first whale hunt defying ICJ ruling

Russia states anti-GMO foods stance

Peru facing major water crises

Nuclear-scale asteroid blasts more common than previously thought says B612 Foundation report  so what is the B612 Foundation you ask? A non-profit organization that is raising money to deploy a Sentinel that would be scanning for asteroids that could pose a threat to Earth

International groups seek ban on killer robots

Alternate view of Ukraine/Russia crisis

Mid April update

Amazing story about a 13 year old eagle huntress in Mongolia

Whaling fight not over yet in Japan as supporters call for the hunt to continue, restaurants see increased demand since the International Court of Justice ruling banning the hunt

America an oligarchy not a democracy according to study

Innovative water towers  to collect water in Ethiopia

A brief look at foods containing phytoestrogens

Rethinking Q-tips

Asian air pollution strengthens Pacific storms