late October update

The dutch boy fighting the oceans’ plastic garbage dilemma- amazing drive and very cool story for a young guy who sees a problem and goes at it despite all naysayers….

Massive environmental restoration undertaking for a Florida river- the Kissimmee

World’s richest man- Carlos Slim- calls for 3 day work week

Nuclear waste piling up in South Korea

World scientists call on Harper to restore funding and freedom for science

Drone in your pocket

 Emerging energy tech currently close to market

Students campaign for peeing in the shower in order to save water on campus

Ever heard of sungazing? Some people swear by this practice of gazing at the sun an hour before or after sunrise or sunset…..

Mushrooms, Ebola, war in Iraq, robots , etc.

Mushrooms for Health and Mycoremediation- just wanted to draw attention to an amazing resource for learning about the power of mushrooms to heal our bodies and the soil that sustains us

Ebola lands in Spain - time to brew up some Fire Cider perhaps? if the spread intensifies over the coming months and an effective official response is lacking then old obscure folk remedies may be a viable option to help fight this nasty epidemic (this is not to say that the latest medical responses are useless as they clearly are highly useful but only if they respond in time and are available)

New mosquito-borne virus hitting Central and South America as well as the US

Canada joins the wargame mess trying to clean up America’s past interventions- Parliament approves airstrikes

Telepathy experiment sends first mental message

Shellshock: a critical vulnerability affecting Macs and Linux has been discovered

Facebook drone the size of a 747 could fly in 2015 transmitting Wi-fi

Pondering a world where robots threaten half of all jobs within the next couple decades

Variation of Universal Living Wage idea promoted- an idea we may be faced to confront as more and more jobs become automated

Supermassive black hole found in tiny galaxy





Summer draws to a close…..

Scotland says No to independence from Britain- final results

Catalonia plans similar referendum in Spain

How little bees kill enormous hornets

Amazon warriors fight off loggers

Harper OKs FIPA deal selling out to China coming into effect October 1st

Hempcrete – building material of the future

Russia warns against striking Syria

American police won’t charge you but they’ll take your money

Soothing Buddhist music boosts rice crop

US chills eggs but most of the world doesn’t

early September highlights

Ebola spiralling out of control- grim assessment from CDC

Russia and China begin construction of world’s largest gas pipeline

Is ISIS simply the new brand for justifying endless war?

North Korea’s forgotten volcano finally being studied

How Norway avoided the curse of oil

Tepco to finish fuel rod removal ahead of schedule- good news

Security guard robots are coming into mass production

Freakishly large vegetables in Alaska


Mad World

Humans Need Not Apply or Rise of the Robots – 15 minute video highlighting the trend of work automation of that affects nearly everyone

Outrage as USDA approves new strains of GMO corn and soy

World’s largest swimming pool in Chile – absurd? you be the judge

Iraqi dam a headache to maintain and a disaster waiting to happen

World Mostly at War : only 11 countries free of conflict

Storm Chasing on Saturn

Fukushima update- although the Western media hasn’t covered it for a long time, the crisis continues

Midsummer Headlines

Ebola infected aid workers shipped to the US

Liberia mostly under quarantine from Ebola

Brazilian farmers want money back from Monsanto for GMO crops that don’t deliver

California halts injection of fracking waste- it’s about time they did this; it’s crazy to be fracking at all in the midst of a terrible drought

Tiny bug destroying orange crops- expect the price of OJ to skyrocket if this keeps up

US border agents on the front lines for infectious diseases warns union VP

Smart meters being pushed on all British citizens despite cost and security concerns

Mid-July update

“the evidence from this study is overwhelming – organic food is high in antioxidants and lower in toxic metals and pesticides.”

HIV reemerges in ‘cured’ US baby

Earth’s magnetic field weakening even faster now

Russian scientists rebuilding Tesla tower

Scientists make progress in learning how to protect gut bacteria from antibiotics

BC news- LNG proposals could collapse salmon run

BC debt hits record high

Eagle shot wins drone photography award

World UFO Day recently passed FYI