ChaosandReason is 8 years old today!

Been on vacation for a bit and now I’m back, hope this finds you well wherever you are !  sunset

Here is a roundup of stories that caught my eye during the last 5 weeks as I always try to keep an eye on what’s going on even if I’m not actively posting….

Robo-advisors take over banking sector jobs at RBS, hundreds laid off- automation continues….

Give everyone basic income? A viable plan for when robots take over most jobs?

Global consequences of eating less meat– this one is sure to stir the pot… tightly we cling to certain habits…..

Argentina sinks Chinese boat conducting illegal fishing

‘Holy Grail of Batteries’ developed by US Department of Energy, could transform the grid

Tackling the Issues of Storing Wind and Solar

Poland abandoning plans to harbor refugees after Belgian bombings

Sweden buckling under the weight of refugees

How Big Business benefits from Daylight Savings time, average joe -maybe not so much….

Chinese hackers steal millions from Federal Reserve bank account

Scientists about to drill into extinction-level event crater in Mexico crater5

Life at Fukushima 5 years on

Canada dumps gold– can’t say this seems prudent given the global environment we’re in now- you could argue we have this luxury being a producer but nevertheless having zero reserves is questionable (esp when noting how gold has performed well in the first part of 2016 and over the last 8 years)……

IPhones inherently insecure as FBI hacks them, ending court case

Internet of Things Takes Creepy Spying to a Whole New Level
Tiny Marshall Islands suing nuclear powers
VR headsets in public? how bizarre

British referendum on leaving European Union, War on Cash, and more….

UK to hold referendum June 23rd on whether to leave the EU

Mario Draghi, head of the European Central Bank, is looking at eliminating the €500 note using crime and money laundering as a reason; unfortunately it’s rather disingenuous and prudent analysts are saying that this is really just another step towards the elimination of all cash in order to have more control over people. The only way to get people to accept the madness of negative interest rates seems to be to close the exits and eliminate cash as an option to opt out of a system of central control which has terrible implications for personal freedom…’s important that people are aware of this as it seems that most people are being seduced by the lure of convenience and not realizing that they are slowly being squeezed …….if you want to read a bit more about the negative interest rate madness and the trends against cash check out this recent Bloomberg article

also to see the issue on more simple terms check out this one “Why are Zero Interest Rates Bad?”

Safes sell out as a way to store cash- Japan’s citizens recent response to negative rates

cashless society marches on….Mastercard now wants to bring facial recognition software to Canada for payments via smartphones

Colonoscopies no longer recommended as routine screening as health care model evolves

E-Cig vaporisers receive a fail , cancer causing chemicals abound

LA Hospital pays hackers to restore computer network

Walmart now charges for plastic bags in Canada

amazing time lapse photo!

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, Day to Night, 2015. Courtesy of National Geographic/ Stephen Wilkes

Freedom, Lies, Science, and some Good News!

Good news! They finally plugged that awful methane leak in Southern California, which has been described by some as the worst environmental disaster since the BP spill

The science world was geeked about the big discovery of two black holes colliding provibinary-black-holeng the existence of gravitational waves

Inexpensive saliva test could detect cancer being worked on by California researchers

The fraudulent nature of the core of our economic system highlighted- workings of the Federal Reserve at the heart of monetary policy

Bill Gates’ philanthropy being questioned…..

Israeli boycotts to be made illegal…seems like a loss of freedom really….

What if we only had one time zone for the whole world?

In the health file – a few more notes on Zika…..Is Zika simply a lie to create profits for drug companies? The virus has been around since the 1950s and the links right now are still not totally conclusive……yet officials are warning people not to get pregnant…it’s unprecedented … it pays to ask more questions and not believe everything you read ……never stop questioning and thinking critically. Our survival and freedom depends on us using these critical faculties as we navigate challenging times….

So you think you’re having a bad day? Think again…..

Will start with the bad and finish with the good this week…..

A few countries are lining up to invade Syria – UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia

Russia claims Turkey is prepared to invade as well… if it wasn’t messy enough….sending prayers to these poor people now massing by the thousands on the borders of Turkey and elsewhere fleeing the madness

Who owns the Zika virus? this rather obscure article says that Zika is a commodity traded and sold , seems crazy but could it be true? Other articles are questioning whether the link to microcephaly in babies is even proven adequately…..Another article questions whether it was genetically modified mosquitoes released in 2012 that are the culprit    and  Yet there are still folks thinking that more genetic modification is the solution.…the WHO is ready to give the go-ahead to releasing GM mosquitoes- messing with the web of life to save ourselves , could this have unintended consequences? Desperation breeds lazy science and radical measures I suppose……

Japan sets a negative interest hoping to boost economy so this is what it’s come to eh? bad sign indeed

The privacy and security risks of smart gadgets– smart comes with a price

Ibogaine turns around the lives of those with addiction

Psychology and your gut– the connection has long been ignored but it’s there

Aussies develop ocean cleaning contraption

Robots farm lettuce in Japan – more jobs go poof!

Morocco has a new massive solar plant up and running

saharan solar

Regrowing rainforests absorb more carbon

January 22/16- What’s going on and where are we headed?

Iran sanctions lifted

Manatees and green sea turtles rebounding– good news!

Robot polices the Great Barrier Reef killing starfish

World’s largest meatpacker testing robot butchers– automation continues….robots for slaughter…seems rather fitting; leaving the moral issues aside for now as far as meat goes…….

Giant hidden planet could be out there, Caltech astronomer- Planet X renamed Planet Nine


China’s official growth doubted- 6.8% vs. 1%- global deflation underway as the wheels come off

New mosquito-borne virus causes birth defects in Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia, Thailand, Phillipines; travel warning issued by CDC

Living Without Money

4 New Elements for the Periodic Table


Denmark and it’s struggles with immigration- now they’re debating confiscating wealth and setting up slums outside of main cities….

Temporary housing seeing a boom as people increasingly want/need flexibility – the future of housing?

The immigration crisis is just the tip of the iceberg as economic change could usher in even greater migrations

Gumball Video describing the scale of poverty and the hidden dimensions of immigration

2016, Trends, Inspiration, and Brainstorming

Wishing you all an epic year filled with health, love, learning, and happiness ! Thanks for stopping by

Another year has arrived and I’ve been clearing away the clutter to make room for new endeavors & more focused, inspired living. I’ve tackled physical possessions and digital distractions attempting to pare down and distill my life to what really serves me and truly has value. In an age of distraction, these actions can really lay the foundation for true productivity and creativity. Starting something new is always a challenge no doubt, but the alternative-the slow grind into mediocrity and decline- is a terrible way to go.

the healing earth

Currently I’m seeking suggestions as to what this blog could feature more ofwhat holds value for you in the digital realm ? or just in your life in general? To be honest there is a part of me that is always conflicted with the time I spend online as I love being present in the physical world being active not in front of a screen, but I digress…….

    There is a desire within me to make this blog more meaningful, useful, and relevant and so please do send me any ideas you have. There has never been a better time for us to collectively kick our own asses into gear and reach for truth, health, and lives filled with meaning.

In the news…….harsh truths edition….

media_indoctrination   Big Sugar industry not much different from Big Tobacco in its tactics regarding health effects

Ethiopia facing epic drought

iPhones ruin posture and dampen mood

6 months alone in Canadian wilderness

TSA one step closer to making body scanners mandatory…

Controversial but well-done article on the propaganda and lies that underlie modern civilization

Full text of the Paris climate deal link here for those who have time on their hands….

Climate deal reached and other world affairs…..

THE PARIS CLIMATE DEAL (quick review from 3 sources, full analysis pending)

195 nations gathered in France to agree on a way to address a changing climate and it seems they’ve finally made a deal which may mean something after failing in previous years to make progress ; the first such conference dating back 20 years to 1995

NBC article paints the climate deal as resting on a shaky foundation and highlights the critics’ assertions that it doesn’t go far enough; deal seen only as a starting point

This Sydney article does a nice job of rounding out the coverage with more details and info

All in all, seems to be at least a starting point despite the glaring omission of animal agriculture as a major contributor. Most of the focus is on fossil fuels; forest preservation will be key to meeting any kind of targets and the real challenge is how to subdue man’s greed……

but hey at least one climate activist had a good time ! 1449928232208

full analysis still pending


Major shift as Venezuela ditches socialist rule after 17 years

‘Phantom menace’ superbug on the rise

Oxfam study claims richest 10% cause half of the world’s climate problems

Indian government trying to round up gold

Commodities producers being slaughtered, perhaps it’s a good thing overall in the grand scheme of things…..perhaps future growth will really only be possible in the virtual realm as we reach these physical limits…..

Do dolphins communicate via sound generated pictograms?

Cop rescues donkey …and there was much rejoicing donkey