Cancer New Moon update

Single-use bags plastic bags banned in Australian states and some big chains

New Zealand perilous for seabirds due to plastic

World’s first ban on sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate being signed in Hawaii to protect coral

In tech news….big banks in Mexico forge ahead with biometrics despite hacker attacks

5G wifi rollout– the next big threat to human health?

Twitter- not-so private social media…..metadata reveals even hidden users

Breastfeeding resolution blocked at UN by major power

Dr. Copper is sick… growth concerns



Capricorn Full Moon — Plastic! A major issue…

Canada apparently has 7 million tonnes of plastic stockpiled now since China stopped taking in recycling as of 6 months ago… there are reports of an influx of trash along coasts perhaps even greater than the Japanese tsunami- could this be in response as other countries are overwhelmed?

SolutionsA Plastic-Free Life – is it possible? – One author says yes….

Mumbai bans plastic bags and bottles

Coconut-fibre plates in the works as well as a full ban on bags and straws in Samoa by Jan

Paper vs. plastic in the supermarket – “study found paper ones were only better than plastic if they were used four or more times, but that was unlikely due to durability of paper bags”

Get involved!Cleanups scheduled for the BC coast in July and August….

The toll of plastic revealed- hard truth alert!

The plastic issue is not going away anytime soon…it’s incumbent upon each and every one of us to break the addictions to convenience we’ve unwittingly cultivated and become much more intentional about the way we live.


Fakebook blamed for the demise of the elephant by not doing enough to shut down illegal trade

Red meat allergies in southern US on the rise- caused by lone star tick- nature fights back?

Swedes are getting microchipped- bizarre…..

Gemini New Moon/ Ocean News

Ocean news is the focus for this latest update….we just passed World Ocean’s Day on June 8 and plastic debris remains perhaps the most pressing issue aside from the ongoing unsustainable rates of fishing that have been happening for many years now… are a few related stories….

Meditteranean has highest levels of microplastics

The machine turning plastic into oil- this would be great for remote places where they often burn their plastic waste……..

Fishing economics- government subsidies prop up unprofitable fisheries- top 6 countries six countries (China, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Spain, and South Korea) accounted for 77% of the global high-seas fishing fleet

Krill digesting microplastic creating nanoplastic

Boyan Slat’s OceanCleanup site talks of 50% reduction of Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years with full deployment

Overview of research- still in early stages

UK and EU plastic strategy comparison Good resource for ideas and infographics

This article blames sea temperature rise for 99 of 100 sea turtles turning female but I can’t help but wonder if it is in fact the combination of temperature plus microplastic pollution…….


Ancient baobab trees dying off in Africa

ATMs being phased out in Japan – the war on cash continues

Pisces New Moon

Another Pisces New Moon? The February New Moon was actually in Aquarius on the cusp of Pisces and I had mistakenly posted it as Pisces…..only human after all…..


Interesting stories have come to light lately…..

In China Xi Jinping has assumed lifetime dictator status

Italy is in political uncertainty after a divided vote

Stephen Hawking passed on at 76- a brilliant mind who defied his limitations and lived longer than any human has with ALS

This article looks at some of the big questions that he pondered/worked on and what he warned for our future

Earth’s magnetic field weakening under Africa- pole flip?

Microplastics found in bottled water– not really surprising is it?

Cryptojacking emerges as a thing..…computers are stealthily hijacked and used for mining the virtual currency

meanwhile Google bans crypto ads and some estimate the mining is no longer even profitable

Scientists unlock more secrets of Jupiter

World’s longest undersea tunnel in Japan weighs usage balance of freight vs. people

Virgo Full Moon

Practical tips for reducing Wifi exposure  (the debate over whether wireless radiation is carcinogenic rages on but why not reduce exposure until we get it sorted?)

1) put a timer on your router so that it is not transmitting when you go to bed

2) log into your router using the IP address (something like type that into a browser and then enter a password which your ISP (internet service provider should have given you. There should be a setting to turn down the strength of the signal (by default they are often set to reach out 300 ft which is overkill) Most people could turn it down to 20-30% with no loss of functionality.

3) Don’t sleep or spend long periods of time next to your router!

Shielding EMF improves auto-immune disease


Hackers break into cars now– is this “smart” tech?

Netherlands has a drug problem; police are stretched thin- is it a “narco-state”?

Norway recently dominated the winter olympics but did you know they are also updating their doomsday vault safeguarding the world’s seeds?

Anti-bacterial wipes pointless- bacteria grow back in 20 minutes

Your shampoo and deodorant are likely as bad as car exhaust


Aquarius New Moon

China moves to ban cryptocurrencies  

China’s police use facial recognition glasses

Floating wind farms put to the test off Norway

Globalization in reverse? A very sober assessment from a very knowledgeable lady Gail Tverberg , an actuary whose job is to be a reality check and acccurately assess risk

Shrinkflation stealthily reduces the size of packaged food portions- price remains the same

Amazing photo-thread of trees and their epic resiliency

US warring in Syria

So is the ozone layer really healing ? An alternate view that runs contrary to a story covered before saying all was good

February- Winter wanes, light increases

Time to plant seeds! Provided you’re not stuck in a deep freeze that is…….

Magnetic field of earth weakening over South America, increasing in the north- Pole shift ahead?

Japanese scientists work on wireless power transmission

Mass deaths of saiga antelopes in Kazakhstan solved by scientists

India takes a firm stance against cryptocurrencies- Price crashes ensue

Planets discovered outside the Milky Way for the first time

The future of air travel- biometrics and facial recognition

Facebook begins to decline – use down for first time….