The Prime Force of Destruction Revealed…..?


Is the prime force of destruction in the world today our hunger for the flesh and products derived from animals?

Just finished watching Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret last night, a documentary that makes a convincing case for veganism as the path forward to solve most of the world’s environmental problems- including water issues, deforestation, overfishing, world hunger, and dead zones in the oceans.

What I liked about this film was how it looked at issues holistically in a larger context comparing impacts with the often reviled oil and gas industries. I also loved how the filmmaker went to the largest environmental organizations and asked why they weren’t making more of an issue out of animal agriculture as being a root cause of much of what ails us. (they choose instead to focus on industrial polluters such as fracking, pulp and paper, etc.)

The film is convincing in it’s delivery and leaves one with the impression that we’ve had it wrong all along, ignoring our dinner plates and focusing instead on the usual suspects-toxic chemicals, plastic bags, recycling, etc. Of course these are all important issues on their own but the film argues that the global collective impacts of animal agriculture are orders of magnitude greater than these all together and that since we are really headed for collapse so rapidly as we muddle through this great extinction phase we need more drastic measures to reverse the tide. The film does address grassfed meat as well and the reality is that we don’t have enough land to fulfill the growing need for more ethically raised meat even if we wanted to on a worldwide level, moral issues aside.

Cowspiracy will not appeal to those who are afraid of change and are unwilling to take a hard look at their own habits in a global context. Nor will it appeal to those who like balanced films providing a lot of input from both sides of an issue. This is really a pointed call to action that takes a black & white approach to an uncomfortable issue- the slaughter of animals to satiate our tastebuds.







in the news…..

Hepatitis C cured by Canadian doctors

Parasitic worms found to increase and decrease fertility in women

China’s coal bubble : 155 plants on the drawing board despite overcapacity : Greenpeace report

Post-antibiotic resistance era imminent (no thanks to animal agriculture I might add)

Turkey shoots down a Russian airplane near Syrian border

Drone injury lawyers now a reality

Solar wind triggers lightning on Earth

White House acknowledges threats to power grid from solar storms begins to plan response

Underwater gardens off Italy’s coast

November…the slide towards winter, big changes keep coming

China ends one child policy– major change for the world’s most populous nation

Chemicals in sunscreen are hurting the world’s coral reefs– not to mention harming your personal health! Perhaps we should ban these substances and only allow non-toxic versions…just a thought

Rare Tropical cyclone Chapala strikes Yemen


Saudi company harvests hay and tests Arizona’s supply of groundwater- all to feed cattle for dairy operations back home in Saudi Arabia; the crazy thing is they’ve done it at home & realized it wasn’t sustainable so they simply went international and dumped the problem elsewhere…. seems like a familiar story , the corporate mentality in all it’s glory

Negative interest rates hit Sweden encouraging spending and punishing savers– financial insanity ? or prudent management? one is for sure though is that Sweden is the country that is closest to being cashless however there is a growing backlash…..

Trudeau vaults to power as Canadians boot out Harper – ushering in an era of reduced militarism and fully legal cannabis

UK running out of fossil fuels in 5 years according to study- oops ! well that’s inconvenient isn’t it….

Burials go green – plant a tree over your corpse!


EU bans roaming charges on mobile phones starting in 2017

Indonesian air quality suffers from terrible forest fires described as crime against humanity

Worms can eat styrofoam , solution for some plastic waste…

Researchers find a parasitic worm that could help heal chronic wounds

Leading the charge to 1984- UK will store your online activity for a full year

Mid October Update

6 hour work day rolled out in Sweden – brilliant ! in fact this is a logical step forward for everyone since more and more jobs are being automated (taken by machines)

Sexually transmitted Ebola? – really?! this from survivors of the disease

Gene patents likely dead after Australian high court decision– as it should be….

Colorado’s largest pot growing company being sued over pesticide use– it’s about time this issue has seen some coverage, in all these places where pot shops have sprung up there seems to be no consideration given to whether the medicine is organic and it seems that much of it isn’t

Iran’s parliament approves nuclear deal   – a major step forward from the situation before where Western politicians were openly talking of hostile invasions

Mushrooms being investigated to help honeybees led by Paul Stamets in Washington


Iraq considering calling on Russia’s airforce for internal battles

Facebook pays almost no tax in Britain – of course this is how most major corporations operate in order to maximise profits but surely this seems unreasonable

Fall Colours and Changes

Russia Becomes 10th Foreign Gov’t to Launch Airstrikes in Syria

Russia has become the latest foreign government to launch airstrikes into Syria after carrying out a series of attacks Wednesday. The move has sparked concern from U.S. officials, who say the Russian attacks did not hit ISIL but instead hit the rebel groups fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, including at least one group trained by the CIA. The United States and Russia have long disagreed about the strategy in Syria, with the U.S. calling for Assad’s departure and Russia backing the Syrian president. Russia became at least the 10th foreign government to launch airstrikes in Syria this year. Other countries include the United States, Britain, Canada, France, Australia, Turkey, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.                          Democracy Now Oct 1/15

Lights gone out from civil war in Syria

Yes we’ve truly gone off the rails folks because now we’ve bottled air for profit …and here’s the weird thing- people are buying it

Peak coal is coming says Goldman Sachs (ethically questionable mega investment firm)

Not a big story by any means by I’ve included it for something ……different         Disabled wrestling in Japan

Late August Food for Thought …

Butter good , margarine bad (just in case you had it backwards)

Places endowed with beautiful nature are less religious? the idea is that the inherent beauty of nature supplies some of the spiritual inspiration reducing the demand for organized religion to fill that role

Lawsuit Accuses Costco of Selling Shrimp Harvested by Slave Labor

In California, law firms have filed a class action lawsuit against Costco and its Thai seafood supplier, arguing that the company has knowingly sold shrimp whose harvesting relies on rampant human trafficking and forced labor. Men who have escaped from boats in this supply chain have testified to beatings, torture, execution-style killings and grueling 20-hour shifts. The suit seeks to block Costco from selling these shrimp unless they are labeled as the produce of slavery.  Democracy Now Aug, 20th

Transforming Media with an inspiring speaker, Dr. Kelly Neff


Oh and here’s one on the doom side of things China Tests the Most Dangerous Nuke of All Time

Interesting things you never knew about Kazakhstan Oil price crash shows the value of a diverse economy

Spotify and the creepiness factor

In the name of balance a good story …Grey wolves return to California for first time in 100 years

August 2015- notable Health, Tech, Environmental stories

Finally a good story, Stranded orca saved!

Top minds warn against developing autonomous battle robots

Illegal fishing trawler ends up sunk after long chase

Rebuilding a living coast for storm protection in Louisiana

Cell phones cause cancer? inconvenient truth alert

Global water crisis- a sobering look by Maude Barlow

AC standards waste energy and leave women shivering

Some traditional Ayurvedic medicines contaminated with lead

Canadians ripped off on drug costs while politicians offer empty words and ink corporate trade deals

There is no technofix for the CO2 issue, German scientists contend

Musing on development and the future of food

July 20, 2015

Honoring a little known hero of the natural world, a man who planted a forest singlehandedly over several decades in India, Jadav Payeng- inspiring!

Review of Ebola response finds WHO unfit for responding to health emergencies

Massive project underway to clean Alaska’s shores

Money vs. Time – the neverending tug of war – and why we’ve been programmed to have a 40 hour work week– food for thought……

Cyclists allowed to ignore traffic lights in Paris

Wind power produces huge in Denmark , at least on really windy days

New treatment for Parkinson’s using anti-malaria drugs

Novel approaches for Alzheimer’s being studied

The mini ice-age story for 2030 , overblown and overhyped?

Japan: 100,000 Protest Push to Rewrite Pacifist Constitution

Japan’s lower house of parliament has approved legislation to allow Japanese troops to fight abroad for the first time since World War II. The vote came one day after as many as 100,000 people gathered near the parliament to protest the move. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has pushed for the nation’s pacifist constitution to be rewritten.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: “The security situation surrounding Japan is becoming increasingly challenging. With this in mind, it is an absolutely necessary legislation to protect the lives of the Japanese and also to prevent the country from going to war.”                Legislation allows troops to fight abroad to prevent war, yet going abroad to fight is war…..logic does not compute……sounds very much like the usual US doublespeak about fighting for peace

Democracy Now, July 16th, 2015