Mid February World Update

Trees are the best tech to save the world according to Oxford scientists

Termites can stop desertification

Megadrought ahead for US Southwest

Plastics into oceans – latest estimate- 8M tonnes a year

The British army and it’s Facebook brigade

Smart TVs are spying on you….

Hackers can control most ‘connected’ cars

The ‘Internet of Things’ and the annihilation of privacy

Marijuana in Jamaica decriminalised on Bob Marley’s birthday

Oil collapse all about crushing Russia?



Apparently today is National Freedom Day….are we free?

On February 1st, 1865 President Lincoln signed an amendment outlawing slavery….a day worth remembering I’d say….

Brazil dealing with crippling drought- worst in 80+ years

Secrecy continues as Canadian government refuses to reveal cost of Iraq mission

Details emerge of electronic surveillance by the Canadian security apparatus

Tories launch new anti-terror bill in a shroud of secrecy- makes one wonder….what are they hiding?

Fracking triggers 4.4 earthquake in Alberta

An interesting analysis of the absurdity of US-Russia relations lately and how it relates to the money game

Psychiatry- a junk science? maybe….maybe not, perhaps light on evidence and heavy on drugpushing and labeling would be more accurate…..in any case it’s healthy to periodically reevaluate whether or not certain sectors of our society are actually serving our higher evolution

Zero Waste grocery store in Berlin- awesome!

GMO mosquitoes planned for release in the Florida Keys

How the CIA made Google- say it’s not true!






mid January update

UN says the Ebola outbreak will end in 2015

Humans pushing Earth beyond the limits in 4 of 9 categories- new analysis

Goats fight invasive plant speciesgoats no chemicals required!

Ghost ships -the new trend in human trafficking

Cassin’s auklets mass bird dieoff on the Pacific coast unexplained


Ayahuasca as a medicine for complex neurodegenerative disorders

New research sheds light on how a 9 year buildup of pressure led to 3/11 Japan tsunami

Stingrays used by the FBI to eavesdrop in public places without a warrant- just another example of the police state in action

Men dig out moose trapped by avalanche- hooray for good news!

2015 arrives

some stories from the past 2 weeks….

Nicaragua is constructing a canal bigger than Panama’s linking the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans despite protests and fears of environmental damage

The collective impact of road salt runoff in winter

The largest vessel the world has ever seen

State of New York bans fracking

NHL to become the first pro sports league to offset it’s environmental impact

UN votes down resolution ending Israeli occupation -on a side note it’s rather ridiculous that certain members of the UN have veto power which makes many votes meaningless

Sony hack- The most costliest corporate hack in history- or so the story goes

Speech by US veterans in Syria claims that the root cause of terrorism is the control of key US and Israeli political institutions bought and paid for by criminal organizations- paranoid old men or are they calling attention to the truth?

Things to ponder…..

Are humans the only real invasive species? Ecologist Ken Thompson questions the wisdom of battling invasive species…

Can organic farming feed the world? New study says yes

Are BPA-free plastic containers just as hazardous? 

Can fungi be a solution to the problem of plastic pollution?

Are men giving up on women and society?

Is the US headed towards war with Russia? new legislation perhaps paves the way….

Stephen Hawking warns that AI could threaten humanity

China claims they will end organ harvesting from executed inmates on January 1st

Olive oil producers in trouble…

Sea otters and their amazing stabilising effects on an entire marshland ecosystem

Visual graph of top 10 processed food companies

Chernobyl drone video footage

Facial recognition vending machines….creepiness of tech continues

Canada makes strange move not to block trade in 76 endangered species…disgrace of governance and leadership continues


December is upon us!

There was a story that came out a couple of weeks ago about 3 billion gallons of fracking wastewater dumped into California aquifers that were supposed to be protected by the EPA. People don’t seem to understand that this fracking industry produces highly toxic wastewater that is not able to be properly cleaned and thus is dumped in huge quantities back underground into places that are deemed “safe” removing it from the natural hydrological cycle. This comes when the whole region is in a drought. Insanity! California agriculture is worth billions and yet will not be in the future if trends of overexploitation, overpopulation, and chemical contamination continue.

   Chief Science advisor in the UK warns that fracking could end up being as terrible as smoking, asbestos, or thalidomide for human health

In other news…A cricket farmer in Ontario has a booming business going selling crickets for human consumption

ex-NFLer quits football to produce food for the hungry….super inspiring!

Canada now the world leader in deforestation….shocking

Geoengineering (by various means including ‘chemtrails’) makes the mainstream news; could harm billions

Japan makes hyper realistic robots

China’s challenges of growth- 1000 new nuclear reactors, 50,000 solar farms , or 500,000 wind turbines needed

Mothers in Chile defy laws to give their children marijuana as medicine


mid November update

World’s largest dam removal project nearing completion and nature is bouncing back quickly

Starfish wasting disease likely caused by virus researchers propose which softens the case alternative websites have made that contamination from the Fukushima complex in Japan was the culprit

Feds close Northeastern US to cod fishing

Maui residents see pushback from Monsanto after they vote to ban GMOs

Earth’s Most Stunning Fractals







Behold the Romanesco Broccoli!     ^

Organic molecules detected on comet

High tech destruction- US Navy deploys laser cannon

Anonymous takes on Ku Klux Klan

Oregon woman opens professional cuddling shop- sees huge response