Without water we are nothing; tech offers glimmers of hope, and more…..

Desalination makes a big leap forward but will it be the answer to droughts in key areas?

Colorado River basin water problems continue as reservoir at historic lows, this feeds Las Vegas and much else….

Canada makes questionable deal with tonnes of uranium to India

DARPA thinking of building adaptability into software so it never needs updates, which would be great if we could continue to run the internet for hundreds of years, that remains to be seen…..

Antibiotic-resistant shigella bug has spread to majority of US states

Greece has a backup plan for it’s economic woes- nationalize the banks

New Alzheimer’s drug breakthrough gives hope

Brazilian prisons using ayahuasca to rehabilitate violent criminals

Inside every fig….a dead wasp….

7 years of trying to make sense of it all…..


Today is the 7 year anniversary of chaosandreason ; thanks for stoppin’ by!

There is no intention to stop the search for truth and direction in this increasingly absurd, beautiful and complicated world.  There are clear signs that we’re beginning to see diminishing returns on technology ; we’ve ignored the fundamentals for too long…clean air, food, water, love, and such. The fracking and oil bubbles have popped and economics at the larger levels is more about speculation and greed than real progress. There is a hunger for meaning amongst people who’ve been distracted for too long and had the rug pulled out from under them. We’ve come through a 500 year period where we’ve focused on mastering the physical, material world and yet we still can’t feed ourselves properly. Always I ask why?

There is a gaping wound that exists behind the facade of our civilization, a wound caused by the nature we’ve lost and continue to lose day by day in the pursuit of wealth. The beauty of nature is extremely hard to reproduce and many of the things we’ve built in place of it pale in comparison. Every day we have the opportunity to choose to focus on what matters and is sustainable yet often we choose the opposite.  We’ve become blind to seeing the beauty in simplicity, choosing instead to put the mind on a pedestal and overthink everything.

There is a dimension to this life beyond what we see with our eyes and think with our brains. The gut and the heart have wisdom for us too as well as all the other life we are surrounded by. Perhaps as individuals we can start by asking what is our purpose? Let’s stop running away from ourselves, slow down and get down to what really matters…….


Laser of Doom unveiled! and other developments…..

Laser beam capable of burning hole in car from a mile away unveiled ….so this is progress?

If you’ve never heard of Iboga ( the plant from Africa ) , it’s at the cutting edge of plant medicine for treating addictions and this article highlights some of the issues surrounding it

Evidence of human adaptation to chemical exposure (arsenic) in the Andean highlands

California turning into a desert

Also we might be encroaching on another dimension soon at the CERN collider in France….what could go wrong?

Energy, Nature, Health, Money, and Science converge in this update…..

Ebola curfew lifted in Liberia- citizens celebrate

Coastal Guardians- Indigenous people confront grizzly hunters in BC

Flouride added to tap water contributing to thyroid dysfunction, depression, weight gain

Emulsifiers such as polysorbate 80 may be linked to Crohn’s and colitis

Supermassive black hole breaks records, challenges theories

Cancer targeted by graphene in new research






GMO spider venom- the next Viagra

Mobile apps failing to protect privacy

Cybergang steals $1 billion

Warming people not places, a window into a simpler time and where we may be headed…regarding energy efficiency of homes

Syrian war described as the first climate change war

Fracking has collapsed


Mid February World Update

Trees are the best tech to save the world according to Oxford scientists

Termites can stop desertification

Megadrought ahead for US Southwest

Plastics into oceans – latest estimate- 8M tonnes a year

The British army and it’s Facebook brigade

Smart TVs are spying on you….

Hackers can control most ‘connected’ cars

The ‘Internet of Things’ and the annihilation of privacy

Marijuana in Jamaica decriminalised on Bob Marley’s birthday

Oil collapse all about crushing Russia?



Apparently today is National Freedom Day….are we free?

On February 1st, 1865 President Lincoln signed an amendment outlawing slavery….a day worth remembering I’d say….

Brazil dealing with crippling drought– worst in 80+ years

Secrecy continues as Canadian government refuses to reveal cost of Iraq mission

Details emerge of electronic surveillance by the Canadian security apparatus

Tories launch new anti-terror bill in a shroud of secrecy– makes one wonder….what are they hiding?

Fracking triggers 4.4 earthquake in Alberta

An interesting analysis of the absurdity of US-Russia relations lately and how it relates to the money game

Psychiatry- a junk science? maybe….maybe not, perhaps light on evidence and heavy on drugpushing and labeling would be more accurate…..in any case it’s healthy to periodically reevaluate whether or not certain sectors of our society are actually serving our higher evolution

Zero Waste grocery store in Berlin– awesome!

GMO mosquitoes planned for release in the Florida Keys

How the CIA made Google– say it’s not true!






mid January update

UN says the Ebola outbreak will end in 2015

Humans pushing Earth beyond the limits in 4 of 9 categories- new analysis

Goats fight invasive plant speciesgoats no chemicals required!

Ghost ships -the new trend in human trafficking

Cassin’s auklets mass bird dieoff on the Pacific coast unexplained


Ayahuasca as a medicine for complex neurodegenerative disorders

New research sheds light on how a 9 year buildup of pressure led to 3/11 Japan tsunami

Stingrays used by the FBI to eavesdrop in public places without a warrant- just another example of the police state in action

Men dig out moose trapped by avalanche- hooray for good news!