Death Penalty ?

Was pondering the death penalty and got to thinking about just how ineffective it really is. It’s one of human civilization’s big moral dilemmas and people tirelessly argue about what is the right thing to do.

It seems far too merciful to be a deterrent. There must be scores of hardened criminals who could care less if you wink out their existence like a light. Especially the really depraved criminals. It must be a nice consolation to know that after all your dastardly deeds you could be put out of your misery.

The way I see it , it’s a far worse punishment to have to live with all your guilt and shame (if you have any that is) and be confined like a dog for the rest of your life. For those with no remorse and who just see jail as a free lunch (as many pro-death penalty advocates will argue-kill the scum!) perhaps they should be reclassified as slaves and put to good productive work indefinitely. Archaic ? Yea maybe…but then again what DO you do with these people?


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