Economic Fundamentals

Given that we seem headed for challenging times it pays to have a grasp of economic fundamentals. When I say economics I don’t mean the garbage that they will teach you if you go for an economics degree, I’m talkin’ the basics of how to make a dollar stretch and also being able to see trends that will impact your survival in terms of basic essential commodities.

For the individual the real questions are what can you do to be productive and more self-sufficient as opposed to being a hapless consumer at the whim of the market. People in Western civilization especially have been continually told that money is the answer when this nothing but an illusion. It is a medium of exchange , nothing more, and the value is arbitrary.

To understand the basics of economics you have to understand money and how vulnerable it really is. One great resource for an understanding of this would be the documentary ‘The Money Masters’. Paper money especially is prone to abuse because private central banks are in control of the means of production. Values of currencies rise and fall threatening people’s holdings all the time. The only real measure of security that can be had is producing assets, that is to say things of real value that continue to produce value. The things that we attach value to can say a lot about who we are as people so just look around you and see what surrounds yourself.

For those privileged enough to have a computer and be reading these words right now, it would be wise to really step back for a moment and remember that you are totally reliant upon an electrical grid that powers all industrial civilization and depends on many interconnected and vulnerable systems of infrastructure. The fact that we are here at this moment is a great achievement but we must remember that this is all new to us and we’re still figuring out the kinks. We still haven’t figured out how to sustainably provide power for everyone. Much power in the world relies on non-renewable fossil fuels which themselves are starting to decline. This is only one of many issues.

Moving into the future we look to be reaching physical constraints in many areas which will force people to call upon their own personal creative potential in order to produce the future that they want.


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