The sad state of Canadian politics….

Canadian politics hit a new low this week with the announced resignation of our foreign minister Maxime Bernier (or was he fired? they never really tell you these things) only to be replaced by one of the most corrupt MPs out there David Emerson. This is the snake who switched parties from the Liberals to Conservatives bypassing the democratic process and holding a seat when 2/3 of the voters voted against a Conservative. More info here…

Now he’s our foreign minister. What a joke….

This Harper administration is failing all Canadians at all levels and it’s quite sad to see really. They are carrying on the work of Mulroney selling out to the highest bidder and not really giving a rat’s ass about it. Everything they do is carefully calculated to score the minds of people not to really help the common good.

Never before have I seen such incompetence at all three levels of government as I do today. Federal , provincial, and municipal…


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