Nationalising Canada’s oil

With all of the instability and uncertainty surrounding oil supplies these days, it’s seems to me that as a nation we should be taking complete or majority control of our oil supplies and diverting away from foreign sales and using them for our domestic needs. The American interests that have such a large stake in our economy wouldn’t like that to be sure but it needs to be done for our own welfare. The days of propping up the wastefulness of the American way of life are over.

These said interests would probably call us undemocratic or socialists and denounce us like they denounce Hugo Chavez in Venezuela for standing up to the imperial machine.

The CIA World Factbook states that our production of oil for 2005 (based on the IEA report) was 3.0 million b/d) while domestic consumption was 2.29 million b/d. Exports however took up around two thirds of our production coming in at 2.274 million b/d. Because of this we imported 1.18 million b/d.

The extra energy costs alone of transporting these fuels around as well as the loss of sovereignty related to us relying on imports more and more as time goes on mean that this is an unsustainable situation for Canadians to deal with.


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