Solutions for a Better Canada


First let’s identify some problems-

  • Politicians spend far too much time raising money than on policies and issues
  • Key industries are 50-80% foreign owned in Canada
  • Corporations and rich people evade taxes much easier than regular folks
  • Saving money with the big five banks increases corporate concentration
  • Voter representation is seriously flawed
  • Common workers have become jaded and disinterested in work
  • People have become detached and cynical of the political process

And now for the solutions-

  • Have elections every three years instead of four
  • Have more referendums on key issues
  • Get rid of the “first past the post” way of voting in favour of more proportional representation
  • Instead of expensive political campaigns, allocate $1 per voter and allow only that for all political campaigning
  • Give incentives for more worker capitalism through profit-sharing so that more workers become active participants rather than just passive employees
  • Stop any further foreign ownership in key industries since we already have plenty
  • Give Canadian small businesses more access to Canadian savings through Canadian development funds which supply capital to grow and increase local ownership and control of resources
  • Have a minimum tax rate for corporations to kill the large evasions that go on
  • Have economic policy focused on full employment rather than inflation
  • More corporate tax and less income tax to distribute wealth among more people
  • Have more free votes in the Commons
  • Kill NAFTA once and for all
  • Discourage media concentration and develop more public broadcasting
  • Disengage completely from the war in Afghanistan

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