Harper says Canada needs an election… what’s the real meaning of all this?

So we are told by the decider aka the USA’s representative who happens to be running our country under the guise of conservatism, good morals, and religion that it’s time for us to have a general election. Yes it’s Harper I speak of, that shifty character who has been sitting at the top for a while because of a complete lack of political leadership within our country.

Here is a NEWS FLASH : Canadians don’t want another election sucking up taxpayer money by the millions, they just want a break from the same old bullshit that gets shoved upon us every few years. You know the game where the two main parties squabble and bicker over power and a third party never makes it to create real change much like the US. The game where big money controls the show and the average person feels helpless because of our first-past-the-post way of counting votes. Thinking people want proportional representation and not our archaic system. We need more referendums so that the people can have more of a direct say on issues.

Until the system itself changes we are doomed to be passive onlookers on this spectacle of fools where two ineffective leaders duke it out to decide who is not so much of a douchebag.


Why is he using the power of the Queen through the Governor General to call an election at a time of his choosing?

I have an interesting theory , and it goes like this…. . Maybe Mr Harper wants to cement his power for a little longer (while advancing corporate American interests) before the shit hits the fan and people really start asking for real change.


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