The future of politics in Canada and NAFTA

Interestingly enough the Green party has been the fastest growing political party in Canada in recent years. By looking at their platform you can see why. They represent something different than the norm. Making people who make under $20,000 exempt from income tax is one excellent example. Unfortunately many will write them off because they feel they don’t have a chance of winning. This is the same tired argument that has plagued all political parties except Libs and Cons for decades. Third parties are written off from the get-go , left to fight over the scraps while the corporate model of harmonization with the US and privatisation of everything continues on. Canadian sovereignty needs to be protected now more than ever . Many of our key industries are more than 50% foreign-owned now and we are increasingly losing control of our ability to be self-sufficient as a result. As the environment becomes more and more degraded in our country and people tire of the same old politics, Greens will fill a gap for some time to come it seems. Having a real chance to govern though still seems elusive and the old boy’s club that runs things (Libs and Cons) are more than happy not to rock the boat with their policies that favour the growing gap between rich and poor.

Greens are wrong on one key issue though and that is thinking that NAFTA can be renegotiated. NAFTA will always favour the multi-national corporations and attempts to regulate it in our interest will fail because the powers that be won’t change the core of it. They may make concessions on environmental issues but the imbalance with regards to our energy supplies will be defended by said interests at all costs. Indeed no other agreement in Canadian history has been as harmful as NAFTA with it’s provisions that we must sell 2/3 of our oil to the US at the same prices we sell to Canadians. Our oil and natural gas situation has become a private free-for-all despite declining supplies and we have lost the ability to set our own price for gas as well as the ability to protect future supplies. This does not bode well for our future when we are a northern country that depends heavily on these fuels for heating in our cold climate. In conclusion, NAFTA should be thrown in the garbage can where it belongs. Even the Mexicans would not agree to the demands of the Americans when it came to the energy negotiations yet we in Canada allowed the greatest theft ever to transpire. A fair agreement will have to be something completely new.

UPDATE : A decent great article on the future of the political left in Canada…

Green Party platform

Harper’s record here


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