Canadian Election Results

Another minority government for Harper , another boatload of cash down the drain. It’s no wonder that almost half of Canadians don’t even bother to vote. Without proportional representation you get silliness like the Bloc Quebecois getting 50 seats (roughly 16% of parliament) with only 9% of the popular vote. Or the NDP getting 18% of the vote and they get only 37 seats. Conservatives got 37 % of the vote but end up with almost half the seats. Utter nonsense in the first past the post system of voting.

Liberals lost the most seats from 2006 dropping 27 seats from their previous total while Conservatives gained 19. NDP gained 8 seats and the Bloc dropped 1 seat. The Green party had almost a million votes this time around (up from 600,000) which further shows that they are the fastest growing party in Canada.

Nevertheless Canadians should be happy that we didn’t give Harper a majority. He certainly hasn’t been progressive enough to warrant a majority. What I really take from this whole charade is that the Baby Boomer generation rules this country for now – in fact you could even say they are at the peak of their power. It seems that real change won’t come until we are forced to by circumstance or the current ruling generation wanes.


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