Obama the Anointed One

Given the perceptions and feelings floating around in the air regarding these upcoming US elections , Mr. Obama seems to be set to take over the reins of power. Does power really come from the president though or is he but a pawn ? What deals have been made behind the scenes that affect the situation ?

It would seem that barring some false flag terror attacks and voting machine manipulation, Obama will be chosen by the people to supposedly transform the USA once and for all. This man is being chosen to be the new face of America. One that is shiny and new. McCain on the other hand represents the party that destroyed America piece by piece …..and they’re not done yet. Is Obama likely to be able to do what is needed to steer the USA out of it’s gigantic hole of corruption and unsustainability? Given that he’s is backed by tons of Wall St. cash , the odds are not good. He may be better than Bush but he’ll likely fall short of what he is being hyped up to be.

As sure as fish to water, power always seeks to perpetuate itself and in our case we have an entire generation fading as another struggles to rise under the burden of previous mistakes. This is the unspoken backdrop for everything that is going in the world today .The old guard hangs on tooth and nail but the will of the masses is always stronger than the few who attempt to impede a positive future for humanity.

More insight is shed on the current situation regarding this ‘transformative’ figure and the possibility of an October Surprise here …



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