Canadians are funding the takeover of their own country

From June 30th, 1985 to September 30, 2008, there were 13,065 foreign takeovers of companies in Canada.

Of these, only 1,600 were reviewed for possible benefit to Canada.

80% of the takeovers were from the United States.

During this period of time, the value of assets taken over was some
$847.764 billion.

Meanwhile, new foreign business investment was only a tiny $20.8 billion

So, takeovers were 97.6% of foreign direct investment, and new business investment
less that 2.4%

Also, bear in mind that much of the almost $848 billion referred to above is money
the came from our good old patriotic Canadian banks, but no one at the Bank of Canada,
the Department of Finance or Statistics Canada’s Balance of Payments Division, or anyone
 else in Ottawa, has the faintest idea of how much of the sellout of our country we
are financing with our own Canadian money.

courtesy of author Mel Hurtig


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