NDP , Liberals consider coalition after Harper launches attack

Canadian politics is a bit of a disgrace these days, as usual. Harper has threatened to change the rules so that no public money will go to the political parties (which amounts to $30 million) and sell off Crown assets supposedly to deal with the financial crisis. This funding cut would basically bankrupt the other parties and to suggest something so divisive shows that Harper lacks leadership. Now there is the threat once again of another election, this coming five weeks after the last one at a cost of $320 million. Also he has thrown in a clause that wouldn’t allow public sector strikes until 2011. Interestingly enough the Governor-General is out of the country until December 7th at the request of Harper.

So apparently it’s ok to give billions to failing car companies and banks but not a paltry $30 million to your federal political parties. This government seems petty and short-sighted in it’s approach to real issues. I really think that Canadians made the wrong choice in the last election with the lowest-ever turnout at the polls. Granted there wasn’t much of a viable alternative so maybe our democracy really needs an overhaul because it certainly doesn’t seem to be serving us too well right now.

UPDATE : Nov. 29th – Tories have changed their mind on their controversial plan….


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