The gong show that is Canadian politics

Here is a funny man’s take on things- Rick Mercer

Harper would like to protect our democracy from the separatists by proroguing Parliament until January?

So Harper, the man of action, wants us to wait until January when Obama is sworn in before we can have a vote of confidence on his economic plan?

Harper, who pledged to govern for all Canadians and work in a spirit of cooperation, decided to cut funding for political parties without bothering to even talk to them about it first?

Harper, who increased his share of the popular vote by 1.3% in the last election and failed to gain a majority when running against a guy who speaks English with difficulty who is introducing a new tax at a time of great economic uncertainty – and calls this a strengthened mandate to govern?

There is no danger of Quebec separating; this is just the classic use of fear to manipulate people.

These politicians are a disgrace and they all deserve to either be fired or take a pay-cut to humble them and most of all Harper needs to go. If the Canadian parliament was a private company it would be filing for bankruptcy from incompetence..

UPDATE: Parliament has indeed been cancelled until Jan . 26th, what a sweet gig these guys have eh? A month and a half paid time off at the drop of a hat. The Governor General is useless for agreeing to this. Put the bums back to work!


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