Embarassed that Canada has a representative with this sorry group…

G7 Pledges to Avoid Protectionism

Here is a news flash, “free trade” is not free and it doesn’t benefit the average person. It’s for corporate entities first and foremost.

Actually, protectionism is not the answer to the crisis but it’s part of the solution for certain countries in certain markets. For example , if you eliminate corporate trade in certain areas you open opportunities for local trade to flourish where countries can supply certain things to themselves which also has the bonus of having a smaller environmental footprint.

“The dangers of  “protectionism” are a myth propagated by the PowersThatBe in order to allow them to continue exploiting wage rate differentials between various countries. The (first) Great Depression was a depression long before the Smoot-Hawley tariff act went into effect in mid 1930. The system was on the rocks long before that. Similarly, the ‘free-trade festival’ of the modern day exploiters has had about zero protectionist provisions yet we still find ourselves spiraling into a Greater Depression.” George Ure


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