How far we’ve fallen…how inflation destroys progress for the little guy

What does the graph mean? It shows the effects of coming off of the gold standard in 1971 which is a part of economic history that most are unaware of.

Of course inflation is just accepted as a part of life these days and headlines tell us we are in a great crisis but maybe there is a silver lining to the so-called disaster going on the world economic stage these days. Perhaps things aren’t as bad as they are made out to be. With knowledge and planning, people are still able to make choices now that will help them down this rocky road.  If the crisis was brought about by excess which was artificial then peeling back the layers to get to reality shouldn’t be that bad. People need to understand and remember what money is. It’s paper that only means something because we agree it does. As soon as you see beyond it and don’t put so much value into that paper then the system breaks down.

Despite all the wailing and gnashing of teeth out there, there really isn’t a shortage of work in the world. There is much to be done to develop and retrofit the existing world we have so that we’re not such a burden on it.

Greedy banks, billionaires, and hopeless politicians can only hold the people back for so long before the tides of change sweep aside the old and usher in the new and true world that humanity truly desires.

The one trend to really be aware of right now is that the prices of things you need (that is real necessities) are going up while the prices of things you don’t need are going down (esp. with electronics).


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