March ’09 News

Schwarzenegger Launches Green Corps As California Fisheries Collapse

Greenwashing seems to be all the rage among politicians but you won’t find me trusting them anytime soon with their abysmal record……

Russia gets ready for war

World Oil Production Peaked in 2008

New Nationwide Strike in France

1.2 Trillion Being Printed up by the Fed

More inflation , more unrest, more arms deals;  it’s a good time to have your life in order. Do you have a purpose? Are you able to recognize opportunities and seize them? How is your sense of timing? Do good things happen to you that show you that you’re on the right path? Do you live life worried or excited?  How is your inner game these days? These types of questions are good to ask yourself. On a more practical level are you working  for things more than people? Are you good with money? What is your special talent? What’s important to you and where are you going?

It’s all too easy to get caught up in a web of distractions and just get smacked upside the head with  reality sometimes.


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