Pandemic fizzle…

Egypt orders the unnecessary culling of thousands of pigs ; people riot in response

The threat from the H1N1 virus has been hyped up relentlessly by the media and now they’ve backed off.  The media’s handling of the virus outbreak has been sloppy to say the least. The death count dropped from 168 to 16. The possibility still exists that this could be like the Spanish flu of 1918 that could mutate and strike in full force in the fall. That particular outbreak was the worst in recorded history and claimed 20-50 million lives. For now though there is nothing concrete to suggest a repeat of that. Flu drug manufacturers are definitely profiting from the crisis though and have seen their shares rise substantially.

22 Canadians remain under quarantine in China…

In other news, Canada’s finance minister concedes there is a chance that the loans given to Chrysler will never be repaid. Good job there bud…so much for Conservatives being financially responsible.


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