BC Election: Fear of change + Voter apathy + Wasted Green votes = Another Campbell win

Voter turnout was down 8% from 2005 to a dismal 52%. The seat count was virtually unchanged and the STV reform failed decisively only getting 39% support, which was a big drop from last time around where it almost passed with 57%.

Given that Gordon Campbell and his gang have been  really good at catering to big business, giving themselves raises despite the worst recession in a generation, and selling water rights on about 500 rivers dirt cheap while salmon runs are declining, it’s not hard to imagine that things could get worse before they get better. It seems people really don’t realize the sheer number of foreign takeovers that plague this country and that’s a shame.

Ultimately people were simultaneously afraid of change and fed up with the system. The NDP failed to capture people with negative harping and a lack of purpose and the Greens siphoned off votes that could have denied the Liberals a majority but didn’t get one seat for their 100,000+ votes.

As a Canadian who just wants us to protect what we  have, this election was a disappointment on multiple levels. Perhaps real change only comes about when the broadest sectors of the population actually begin to feel the impacts of decisions that have been made. That time hasn’t come yet…but the question is will we even have a viable alternative when that crucial time comes around?

Interesting that people will broadly tell you they don’t trust politicians and yet still vote for incumbents time after time.

Tough drug bill all about politics (the encroachment of US style drug laws on Canada)


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