The end of cheap water? Good article on a crucial issue. Are we taking this resource for granted? Here in BC it seems we do. We’re one the most wasteful communities of people when it comes to water usage simply because we have an abundance of it here.

Argentina’s Supreme Court ruling on pot continues the trend towards legalization throughout South America

Tobacco and alcohol kill a lot more people and they’re legal so why should the government have control over what people want to do with their own body if it hurts no one?

Obama nominates Fed chairman Bernanke for another term

No surprise there…Obama hasn’t exactly been the glorious saviour everyone hoped for. He hasn’t been all bad but for the most part he’s been pretty good at maintaining the status quo which really isn’t good enough given our situation with multiple crises converging. His popularity with the people has plummeted and he continues to make decisions that seem to favor power and privilege over the good of all.

90% of US money laced with cocaine

The City That Ended Hunger this is an excellent article about a city in Brazil that has found innovative ways to keep people well-fed


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