Taxes in Canada

Excellent article that highlights the unfair taxation system here in Canada and why the HST is the wrong kind of reform…

The issue is that corporations continue to get favored status receiving tax breaks year after year while individuals are not only paying more taxes but also have to deal with  stagnant wages.  The trend continues with both Liberal and Conservative governments and is making us less productive as a nation. The media continually portrays people as overtaxed which is true but they ignore the fact that corporations are not on a level playing field and get more breaks than the individual. In a country that claims to be a bastion of equality this is simply unacceptable and is moving us towards an American-style future of a reduced standard of living in return for pennies on the dollar. Just notice how time and time again when the media or government talks about reducing deficits they first talk of cuts to public services instead of  inflated politician’s salaries.

Why people continue to vote for either Liberals or Conservatives in this country is a mystery to me seeing as they both seem to look out for the interests of corporations much more than than the average person.

Foreign ownership of our economy is another problem that is not being given any real exposure in the media. Just over 50% of our manufacturing is foreign-owned and in the US it’s 12%.  34 industries in Canada are foreign-owned or majority controlled and in the US not one is . NOT ONE! Why have we allowed such control of our future to slip out of our hands?


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