Blackouts, media manipulation, superbugs, and Xbox pirates

Massive blackouts in Brazil; cause unknown

Plastics chemicals feminise boys

Media study claims even the most sophisticated news readers can be manipulated which raises ethical concerns. Mind control is a field of study that most people would prefer to ignore since we don’t like to believe it’s possible but most major militaries around the world have done some research into this very topic.

Interesting article about how British doctors are using honey and maggots to clear up superbug infections

Here’s a bit about how Canada’s economy is out of sorts these days

Xbox console ban for pirates is permanent says Microsoft

Words of Wisdom for the day: ” Reward people for what they’ve done with what they’ve been given, not for what they’ve been given.”

“Have zero tolerance for the lie”

“The Big Lie is that prices go up.  They don’t.  The purchasing power of your dollars goes DOWN.

Ukrainian super flu more potent than H1N1?



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