Nov 20th, 2009

Aspirin kills 400% more than swine flu…

Google previews free open source operating system Think of an online browser connecting to a central hub- Google’s servers – and being able to do multiple things at once. It seems a bit Big Brotherish though. More info is here

Investment bank tells clients how to prepare for possible global collapse

Belgian PM chosen to lead the EU

Rumblings of war in South America

Mystery of World’s Worst Mass Arsenic Poisoning Finally Solved

Wells dug by international aid agencies in Pakistan…

Food Summit Ends with Vague Pledge on Hunger

In Italy, a global food summit ended Wednesday with no firm commitments to end world hunger. A vague declaration vowed to address famine “at the earliest possible date.” The meeting was hampered by a lack of high-level involvement from world leaders, including the United States.


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