Rich get richer, poor get poorer

Federal Liberals back the HST for BC and Ontario sealing it as a done deal

The article states that the HST will cost the average taxpayer and extra $800 to $1000 annually and save businesses $100 million a year. There is key information missing from the article such as exactly how many taxpayers are being affected. On the surface it seems that all taxpayers are getting screwed on this one (since many more things such as haircuts, energy, etc. that were previously exempt from PST are being subject to the new tax) and both major parties are either corrupt or incompetent by not being upfront about the fact that they are basically asking for more revenue. Not only that but there is no free vote on this bill. This is shameful and pretty much guarantees that people will lose even more respect for government and the rule of law.

To see more info on this issue you can see both sides of the story at the National Citizens Coalition site and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business site

Here is another take on it from an anonymous poster.. ‘Better a consumption tax than income tax increases. One way or another it is individuals who pay. If business pays the tax it gets passed on to the consumer in the end. At least with a sales tax we have a choice, to buy or not to buy.’

The HST comes into effect on July 1st, 2010 in BC.


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