January 13, 2011

One possible theory for the recent series of mass bird deaths around the world blames a pole shift creating toxic gas

and on totally different note here is a video for those who would like to learn more about what money is and how it works.

And here is something to chew on and make you think from an anonymous source…

‘The difference between spiritual practice and religious practice is important. The spiritual practitioner is on a journey to discover what is Real and the meaning of Life. He is one who questions everything. While the religious practitioner takes what he is told by an “authority” based on faith. Through out the ages there have been spiritual teachers, ex. Jesus The Christ, Muhammad, The Buddha, Krishna, etc., that have taught how to realize Reality through spiritual practice. To make it extremely short Reality isn’t something one acquires like a worldly pursuit. It is something that is revealed to have always been after one has surrender all beliefs, concepts, habits, emotions and even the thought one is a separate individual. Reality is Bliss, Love and Peace. To embody Reality is to be Eternally content. One no longer seeks Happiness and Love for one is the very thing that was always sought.”


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