March 30th , 2011

Analysis of the Fukushima situation as failure and full meltdown is ongoing; 4 reactors being permanently shutdown

In Canadian political news, on March 25, 2011 the finding of contempt led to a motion of non-confidence introduced by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. The NDP and BQ supported them, which resulted in the adjournment of the 40th Parliament of Canada, and made Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government the first to fall on a charge of contempt of Parliament. According to law Stephen Harper is not even really supposed to be able to run for office again. Yet no one is talking about that….

Truth is Harper is a giant Canadian traitor and this small clip gives a taste why..

Contempt for Parliament ☑ : 1 Billion for G20 Toronto 3 day summit ☑ : 30 Billion for new fighter jets ☑ : Billions for New Jails ☑ : Canada loss of Sovereignty ☑ : Prorogued Parliament ☑ : Rename the Government of Canada as “The Harper Government”

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green party is being excluded from Canadian debates . Democracy is grand eh! Whoever has the money runs the show I guess or as one commentator put it, ” Congratulations May!
You’re now a regular Canadian. Someone who doesn’t get listened to because they are not backed by billion dollar corporations or foreign interests.”

Scientists being muzzled over dead dolphin reports in the Gulf of Mexico as the BP spill is being treated as one big crime scene

Canada-US integration continues….largely in secret


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