June 27th , 2011

Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Surrounded by Floodwater

Floodwater from the Missouri River has surrounded parts of the Fort Calhoun nuclear power facility in Nebraska after the collapse of an eight-foot-high, 2,000-foot-long inflatable berm early on Sunday. Emergency generators were needed to power the plant until an off-site power supply was connected Sunday afternoon. The plant has been shut down since April. U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chair Gregory Jaczko is scheduled to visit the site today. On Sunday, Jaczko visited another nuclear plant in Nebraska threatened by flooding of the Missouri River.

NATO Confirms Efforts to Assassinate Muammar Gaddafi

Republican Congressman Mike Turner of Ohio has revealed that NATO commander U.S. Admiral Samuel Locklear has confirmed to him that the United States and NATO forces are actively trying to assassinate Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi in defiance of the U.N. authorization. Locklear also reportedly told Turner that NATO is considering sending in ground troops to Libya.

Turkey considers military action against Syria

Iran to send monkey into space

Euro currency may not exist in a year

Off the wall highway sign in St. Johns has motorists doing double takes

Krokodil : the drug that eats junkies


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