August 1, 2011

Computer scientist aims to collect every book ever published

Political theatre continues in the USA over possible default and debt deal

This is how crazy the counterfeit fiat money system has really become. And temporarily solving the debt ceiling does nothing to solve the long-term problem… which is unsolvable because it’s based on the artificial creation of money as “debt” by global banksters.

The real problem, you see, is that our money supply is a counterfeit currency system run by the Fed, which refuses to be audited and answers to no one. It’s not even a branch of government. It’s just a bunch of private global banksters running the money supply who are so arrogant that they refuse to even disclose where they’re sending trillions of dollars.

No wonder the dollar has lost 97% of its value since 1913 when the Fed was first created. As China recently said, we’re already in default!


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