The Bastards Are On the Loose!

October 27th, 2011

As Halloween draws near the ever present threat of the implosion of the world economy hangs in the air like a reeking corpse. Despite politicians’ attempts to paper the whole sordid mess over with various deals people know that things aren’t right . But this entry is not about being depressed or cynical,  or a call to go out and protest. This post is attempting to speak truth as simply as possible.

There are a class of people out there who  simply don’t give a crap about anyone except themselves. Our society here in the West has promoted individualism as salvation and we have bought it hook, line ,and sinker. The unsustainable path of thoughtless consumerism and destruction of the most primal of our life-giving resources – water – will ultimately crash and burn. Political solutions are not fast enough to protect us from the rate of change we are creating and accelerating.

The class of people who don’t give a crap- let’s just call them the bastards- are increasingly concentrated in wealthier and older populations but by no means exclusively. Bastards generally don’t care about bettering themselves unless there is profit to be made. Learning and evolving are not important to these folks. Power, control, and fear are. This experimental graph may help to visually display the relationship between age and lack of compassion.

True power exists with people who are able to adapt, learn, evolve, and stay healthy. So don’t let the bastards get you down! We all have a part to play in this…..



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