Jauary 18th, 2012

Enbridge pipeline talks fail as First Nations reject proposals – shipping supertankers full of oil to Asia in dangerous northern coastal waters; what could go wrong right? ; have we forgotten Valdez?; spills and accidents happen and besides it’s more efficient to ship it within North America only. The demand is here so why risk disaster. As peak oil progresses, the oil becomes worth more in the ground as time goes on so why rush to expand the oilsands when it’s well known that they are a filthy wasteful way of getting oil. ( the amount of water and natural gas used is staggering not to mention the contamination of groundwater) Kudos to the First Nations for not selling out our future for short term gain.

Keystone XL pipeline proposal rejected as well by the US 

These two stories really highlight some key points.

We seem to be in great haste to export our resources as witnessed by disappointment caused by the recent Keystone decision.
Maybe we should take some time and develop an energy plan for Canada that encompasses more than extraction, partial process and wholesale export.
Do we even have a good idea of the value of the oil sands? New techniques are appearing that are increasing recovery levels and hence the value of resource properties.
Do we have any sort of impartial assesment of the possibilities of further refining and processing in Canada?
Are we making any allowances for Canada’s long range energy needs?
Are we missing opportunities by taking the easy road?

World Bank report warns of troubled times ahead  “No country and no region will escape the consequences of a serious downturn.”

Lawmakers back down after Wikipedia protest of anti-piracy legislation

Bulgaria bans shale oil and gas drilling( fracking) following France’s lead over environmental concerns


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