Merchants of death; losing sovereignty and privacy

300,000 farmers are suing Monsanto, the agribusiness giant/ dealer of death

After watching the documentary ‘Food Inc’ recently, which essentially exposes that conventional corn is owned by Monsanto now,  I’ve decided to boycott corn and soy since the genetic modification is so widespread (over 90% of these crops now).  Another factor was an audiobook entitled ‘You’re Eating What’ by Jeffrey Smith available here which explains more about the health effects of these foods. Canola oil is also to be avoided as that is the third major food crop that is GMO. Of course avoiding these products requires a constant reading of labels and learning of individual ingredients to find all the byproducts that pervade our food supply now but I feel it’s a worthy endeavor.

French farmer wins legal battle against Monsanto

On a somewhat related note Whole Foods has decided to throw in the towel and not resist genetically engineered crops anymore

Foreign takeovers in Canada- 14,218 approved to 2 blocked since review agency was abolished in 1985

Greece is not a happy place after a day of rage at the decision by lawmakers to intentionally impoverish the nation to settle a mountain of debt     It seems Greece’s financial affairs are being dictated to by bureaucrats from the European Union.

Canada looks to strip away privacy and monitor all online communication in the name of protecting everyone from child molesters


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