It’s now been 4+ years of trying to make sense of the world…

This blog started back in March of 2008 and what conclusions if any can I draw about all I have seen and read in that time.

Technology marches onwards being utilized heavily by government agencies to spy more and more on their citizens. One example is this new massive data centre by the NSA going live in September 2013. More and more personal information online can be risky though as talked about in this recent article about online home listings.

People are mesmerized by the leaps and bounds made by science.  Seems Russia and South Korea are teaming up to clone a wooly mammoth.

War is still big business. In this story India has decided to ban an Israeli defense firm from bidding on contracts for 10 years as well as five other firms from India, Switzerland, Russia and Singapore. The reason? Indian officials were allegedly being bribed.

The Conservatives’ crime bill passed in Canada paving the way for an expansion on the war on drugs in the same style that the US has been doing for decades with little progress and a lot of wasted lives and money. Even the Texan lawmakers advised Canadians not to follow their failed example. Sometimes ideology trumps common sense I spose.

As Robert Anton Wilson said, “The path of intelligence is all hard work, low pay, and a high probability that the fanatics of all ideologies will gang up on you.”

Knowledge is not simply power as people love to say. It is only potential power. Action is required to make use of it.


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