Global Dimming

Global dimming – an effect that few know exist and yet may be critical in understanding our rapidly changing climate. It all started back in the 1950s when a British scientist by the name of Gerry Stanhill was measuring solar energy in Israel as part of a study involving irrigation of crops. At the time he thought nothing of it until decades later when he discovered an astonishing 22% drop in sunlight globally using the data at the time. He began searching global meteorological records and found decreases globally ranging from 5-30 %. He published a report on the phenomenon in 2001 but it was largely ignored by the mainstream science authorities. Researchers in the Netherlands and other parts of the world have also come to accept the idea of dimming.

The whole idea doesn’t seem to fit with the global warming theory though…. or does it? There is another piece of evidence which seems to support the theory. This comes from something called the pan evaporation rate. For about 100 years now around the world agricultural scientists have been measuring how much water evaporates from a pan during the day. Each morning they refill the pan and record how much it took to get it back to the base level. From the 60s to the 90s there was a general decrease in the pan evaporation rate. While there are other factors such as humidity that affect pan evaporation the dominant one is the solar energy hitting the water.

So what is causing global dimming? Satellites show that the energy from the sun is relatively constant despite increased activity . The answer of course is pollution. The explosion of automobiles and industry has ejected incredible amounts of particulates into our atmosphere producing what we call smog and haze over most major cities. This then blows around the earth spreading like fog until it gets washed into the water cycle. Of course the haze is always being replenished by our ongoing economies. It begs the question how much can the earth really absorb? How much abuse can our planet take before it turns on us? Our planet has shown itself to be incredibly resilient but for how much longer?

Another factor in the equation is aircraft contrails. After Sept. 11th 2001, almost the entire fleet of US planes were grounded. Scientists seized the opportunity to take climate measurements in order to discern possible effects. During the three day grounding , a difference of 1 degree Celsius was noted which may not sound like much but in meteorological terms it was big.

The global dimming effect could mean that mainstream science has underestimated the effects of global warming and the greenhouse effect. This could mean catastrophic changes much sooner than anticipated. Now that governments have begun cleaning the air by enforcing tougher pollution standards, the dimming effect is starting to fade which leaves global warming free to do it’s worst.

The wiki page on global dimming has a lot more info for those interested in this aspect of climate science.


7 thoughts on “Global Dimming

  1. Good article on a very important issue that almost none seem to be willing to look at. Though I very much wish we were heading for blue skies due to steps being taken to clean up the air, no matter what the additional warming, I know in fact that so long as the global geoengineering programs continue, global dimming will get still worse and our overall global warming scenario with it.
    Global geoengineering is the “elephant in the room” that appears to be the single greatest cause of climate distraction. Let us hope it comes to light and can be brought to a halt before all is lost.
    I fully agree with the author of this article, how much more can the planet take.


    • I plan on covering that issue in future posts. I’m appalled at our misguided attempts to control and subjugate nature for profit with little thought to the broader long-term impacts. This blog was created to help wake people up to underreported news stories and critical issues such as weather modification.


      • Dane Wigington has falsely claimed for years that global dimming is an ongoing situation due to what he claims is a massive plot to geoengineer the climate by spraying aluminum from airplanes. He also claims that there are no commercial airlines flying over his area, but I showed him that well over 100 flights/day pass over his head. He sees lots of contrails from commercial jets.

        His latest claim to fame is that UV-B, the sunburn part of ultraviolet solar rays has increased over ten times. The figure he comes up with actually exceeds the amount of UV-B which the sun puts out into space, so his figures debunk themselves.

        The facts are that global dimming has come and gone years ago, a fact which all scientists agree on. Dane has really stepped into this one, because a 50 year record of Aerosol Optical Density exists which shows no current global dimming. I’ve challenged him to debate these and many other issues, but he will not accept. He knows he is wrong on this but he can’t bear to face up to them. You can read what he doesn’t want to address here:

        The ironic thing is that promoters of fake conspiracy theories like chemtrails/geoengineering could have actually helped reduce both ordinary contrails and helped prevent geoengineering. Instead, they have made a mockery of both issues and relegated them to silly conspiracy theories. Legitimate concerns are thus laughed at by association. What a waste of effort, Dane Wigington should be ashamed. David Suzuki had a recent article on people like Dane and hit the nail on the head. Dane said he was either threatened or bought off. That is the sort of thinking you get when you disagree with chemtrails “activists”.


      • Your comment is contradictory/bipolar in that it acknowledges geoengineering while at the same time branding it as a fake conspiracy. If this could be clarified it would be appreciated.
        I was skeptical for a long time of geoengineering/chemtrails but once I learned the history of weather modification, the real-world applications combined with personal observations of patterns in my hometown I could no longer ignore it as a possible reality. With global warming accepted by the majority of scientists as a dire threat, is it really so outlandish to believe that governments at the highest levels would want to mitigate the expected damage and tamper with the environment? Anyways I’m open to being corrected as I love to learn and am simply interested in the truth.


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