Fascism, killer drones, biodiversity waning, meteors, and a diamond heist

Environmentalists labeled as national security threat in Canada all courtesy of a fascist government that hides behind religion for legitimacy

Meteor explodes over Russia injuring 1100

Multimillion dollar diamond heist at Brussels airport

All dogs in UK required to microchipped by 2016

BC failing it’s duty to protect biodiversity according to study

US Air Force developing tiny swarms of drones that can kill people  this drone technology is going too far…real life is betting closer to sci-fi movies with every passing day…

In Seattle citizens forced police to scrap plans for defense drones

Bombardier testing buses that charge wirelessly

Washington plutonium leak poses long-term threat to groundwater

Awesomely funny video from a few years back which deserves a repost Life is amazing , but nobody is happy

Another old post that is still very relevant Nature loss dwarfs bank crisis


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