Chavez dead; lost continent found on ocean floor; North Korea talks crazy; geoengineering, and more

Venezuela’s charismatic controversial socialist leader of 14 years dead at 58 from cancer

People either love or hate Chavez but by many accounts he was able to use the countries oil wealth for the benefit of many people by not selling out to multinational corporations and following the standard capitalist model of economics. Now of course his system had it’s problems and like any system was a work in progress. The alternate view says simply that he was a tyrant and a barrier to freedom for all. The USA even helped to try and oust him in a coup in 2002 which can be seen in the documentary ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ . A video by Real News on youtube makes an attempt to sum up his life

Lost continent found off the coast of Madagascar

North Korea threatens war and cancels peace pacts with the South

Man gets swallowed whole by a sinkhole in his home in Florida never to be seen again house was later demolished after they called off the search

Geoenginneering could turn the skies white     Messing with the balance of nature and weather using aerosols from airplanes seems like it could have some pretty serious unintended circumstances and yet there are those who say this is going on in many countries around the world all in a covert bid to ward off global warming. Officially there is no acknowledgement but some documentaries claim otherwise such as ‘Why in The World Are They Spraying?’  Conspiracy nonsense? You be the judge. The technology does exist though…

ACTA internet treaty about to be quietly passed in Canada?

In Canada, motion to abolish Senate defeated in vote

Manufacturers replace BPA with even worse chemical? BPS  Plastic..can’t live with it, can’t live without it , it seems

Aspartame in milk with no label?

Short History blurb- 1781 When Canada was invited to join the United States

Amazing garden photos from the UK

The Green Pope


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