Bitcoin falters, heavy metals in rice, air filtering houseplants, the value of meditation, and more…

Bitcoin, the alternative digital currency,  crashes from it’s recent price spike  

Lately Bitcoin has received much attention in the wake of the Cyprus banking crisis which has shaken the faith of people in traditional money systems. However it seems that even though Bitcoin has built-in mechanisms to protect against inflation, it can’t avoid the perils of speculation. Buyer beware. It started the year at $14 and after today’s crash it sits at roughly $125 which means it’s still the hottest performing currency of 2013 despite the crash.

Imported rice may contain dangerously high lead levels

Outsourcing bank jobs is common say employees- this is in the wake of the recent RBC hiring scandal  

There really isn’t a good reason to bank with the big banks anymore given what they stand for (profit for themselves at all costs), their vulnerability, and their lack of community investment.

Bank savings confiscation proposed in Canada similar to Cyprus

Secret Files Expose Offshore Moneys’ Global Impact

Geoengineering, runaway climate change, and the poisoning of life on earth     Sadly governments and media outlets in too many places worldwide are bought and paid for , or too distracted in semantics and legal battles to do anything meaningful while corporate scientists chip away at the web of life piece by piece eroding the foundation of all we hold dear. I have personally witnessed and documented these phenomenon in the skies and I wonder where it’s all headed..

28,000 rivers wiped off the map of China 

Best air-filtering houseplants according to NASA

Stretching before workouts may weaken muscles     the debate continues…

Seafood fraud rears it’s ugly head- mislabelled fish in Canada

Scientists charged with smuggling contagious germs

Scientists discover old trick to fight bedbugs

General strike being contemplated in Britain , first since 1926

Scientific literature on meditation continues to grow

Meditation allows brain to control body temperature





The ‘nuclear option’ for facebook privacy ( short of deleting your account which would be ideal)

Music as medicine has huge potential

Grocery Store Blacklist



5 thoughts on “Bitcoin falters, heavy metals in rice, air filtering houseplants, the value of meditation, and more…

  1. Hey Warren, good stuff. You should do a weekly video blog on youtube or something.

    I’m really fascinated by the Bitcoin concept. The fact that the value of a Bitcoin can still rise and fall so dramatically right now though seems to be problematic. How do they expect people to adopt a currency when its value can fluctuate so wildly?

    The fact that there will be a hard limit to how many Bitcoins can exist also troubles me though. I think there is some value to the Keynesian view on inflation, and assuming that the planet has a finite amount of resources, I think that the Bitcoin is still susceptible to inflation based on the supply and demand of those finite resources. For example, 1 Bitcoin buys one barrel of oil today, but when there is less supply of oil and higher demand, the value of that 1 Bitcoin will change in relation to how much oil it can buy.


  2. For finite resources you make a good point but that’s why we need to move away from oil anyways eventually. For renewable resources though bitcoin beats paper money with it’s fixed supply that can’t be inflated. The biggest problem with bitcoin is widespread adoption. A medium of exchange needs to be widely adopted to be useful.


    • Right! I totally forgot about renewable resources… such a foreign concept in the times that we live in.

      Actually, not too long ago, when Greece was going through their economic crisis, there was at least one town which made its own digital currency and used it as a proxy, and the townspeople all agreed upon its value. Perhaps, that is one good way to attack the adoption problem–a local and mostly self-sustainable community could easily use bitcoin instead of money (government-issued debt bonds) to trade within itself. I wonder if the government would even be able to tax bitcoin income.


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