Boston bombing / continued march of the police state, toxic corn, and a few health stories

Boston bombers were going to bomb Times Square

Weapons of war have no place on our streets- pictures tell the story after the Boston bombing…

Boston bombers radicalized via the web, not tied to established terrorist networks

The response by the authorities to this attack was over the top and actually failed to produce results. It sets a terrible precedent and furthers the fear and paranoia that pervades American society.

I have to mention as well that some people have theorized that this was actually a false flag attack by elements of the military-industrial complex. While the motive does exist for these kinds of things and they have happened in the past, it’s really hard to sift away what is fake and what is real. These claims are made for pretty much every single terrorist event that happens. The possibility exists but the problem is the evidence. How does one escape the speculation of what really happened? The narrative is paraded by the media for all to consume; no need to dig deeper, we have it on good authority they proclaim. How does the average person really discern the truth of what is presented?

The media has a new word for martial law- Lockdown!

Canadian government failed to deport Via rail suspect 9 years ago

Government hurries anti-terrorism law debate in light of the recent planned attacks   Civil liberties at risk as politicians switch into reactive mode not wanting to appear as lame ducks.

Geoengineering and the major players of weather

Study reveals GMO corn to be highly toxic       There’s good reason to avoid all corn in your diet if you live in North America. Roughly 90% of the supply is genetically modified.

GMO infographic -well done! especially good for visual learners

MDMA being trialed for treating PTSD in Vancouver  

Videogame treatment for lazy eye restores 3D vision

Red palm oil health craze ravaging the rainforest

Chavez heir Maduro takes narrow win in Venezuela, opposition calls for recount

Cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp hailed for health

Seismic airguns affecting the Atlantic ocean

White House approves higher radiation levels in soil and water following accidents and attacks

Yemeni Says U.S. Drone War Terrifying Civilians, Empowering Militants at Senate hearing

US House passes CISPA cybersecurity law for 2nd year in a row despite threat of veto from Obama, activists prepare for Senate battle

An interesting perspective on what happens when blind people regain their sight – it’s not always happy or easy


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