Bankers highlighted, detention without end, bees see relief in EU, GM salmon, and more..

Bee-harming pesticides banned in Europe      These are the same class of pesticides that the US government is being sued for

Search ends in Bangladesh factory collapse, final toll 1127

The game is rigged ; banks and their interest rate shenanigans exposed      The sad thing is that pretty much every market is ripe for manipulation. This applies to commodities that we depend upon not just interest rates for loans. Laws that protect the average person have been watered down and financial firms are just exploiting a weak regulatory framework.

Guantanamo hunger strikes continue    86 inmates cleared for release but none are able to leave. This prison was supposed to be closed and yet the fiasco continues…a military prison trapped in bureaucracy and with no end in sight until perhaps the ‘War on Terror’ is declared over.

AquaBounty’s GM salmon and their secret lair in Panama

Many regions in North America fluoridate drinking water based on the idea that it helps fight tooth decay although controversy remains. Researchers in India have discovered a natural way to remove fluoride in water   

Novel coronavirus can be passed person to person says WHO

Decommissioning Germany’s nuke plants to take until at least 2080

Robin Hood bank robber gives cash to the poor


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