US creeping closer to default, worldwide March Aginst Monsanto, mission to Mars, and more..

US Gov has begun tapping pension funds to avoid a default on the national debt

80,000 people worldwide have applied for one-way trip to Mars

Millions worldwide March Against Monsanto today

Vitamin C found to kill drug-resistant TB in lab

Innovative solution giving light to those without electricity

Deep-sea mining gold-rush edges closer

New app helps people boycott Monsanto, Koch brothers , and more

Glimmer of hope for Amazon, Rainforest Action Network finding ways to challenge corporate giants

Goodbye Dubai? Bombing Iran would ruin the Gulf region

How the 1% does Disneyworld : Hiring disabled escorts at a grand a day to skip the lines

3D printed guns beat metal detectors

Toxic Toothbrush – what did we use before plastic?

20 second cell phone charger 



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