Mass Surveillance, Turkey uprising, GM wheat contamination, and more

Court order reveals Obama administration is conducting a massive domestic surveillance program by collecting telephone records of millions of Verizon customers.

Unapproved Monsanto GMO wheat found contaminating an Oregon wheat field- South Korea and Japan ban imports

Hungary recently decided to torch 500 hectares of GM corn

Turkey PM vows to bulldoze park despite a week of largest protests since 2000-01 economic crisis

Russia sending artillery to back up Syria and prevent foreign intervention

Friendly gut bacteria permanently damaged by antibiotics says new research   Antibiotics are overprescribed and this is making us weaker not to mention fueling the rise of superbugs. Think twice before nuking all the bacteria in your body…

Here is a good article on how to regain balance for your gut after courses of antibiotics

Fast food ice dirtier than toilet water  This is an old article based on a 12 year old’s science experiment but it highlights something that people probably don’t think very much about in the course of eating out at restaurants.  The “ice is likely dirtier because machines aren’t cleaned and people use unwashed hands to scoop ice.” This article recently reappeared making the rounds on many sites despite being more than 7 years old. Kinda makes one wonder about the integrity of media these days…

Sick patients being fed unhealthy formula in feeding tubes   One common culprit- Ensure by Nestle

Speaking of Nestle- They are quietly raking in profits on water in places around the world and have some pretty appalling practices

Nestle is also facing conviction in regards to a chocolate price-fixing scheme

Secretive annual Bilderberg meeting gathers so-called globalization elitists, heads of state, business CEOs to discuss world policies. Activists covering the current meetup are highlighting the links between Google and the group.

Firefighters Vs. cops – Spanish protests produce amazing photos

Spyware being touted to fight copyright theft according to shocking Canadian report

Germany to test anti-graffiti drones Here it is, the brave new world where robots will protect property more than human life.. a disturbing trend

Harper in Peru- what the Mainstream Media (MSM) missed

Restaurants caught selling fake booze in NJ






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