NSA leaker Ed Snowden exposes total internet surveillance, Turkey unrest, Iran gets new president

A very big story came out in the last week  about a 29 yo ex-NSA contractor Ed Snowden who revealed a high level of surveillance being conducted on internet traffic through the US involving most major tech companies. The program is called PRISM and Skype, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft,  Google, AOL, Youtube, Yahoo are all implicated. There are speculations that this leak was in fact designed to act as a cover for even worse invasions of privacy. In any case it’s likely that all communications world wide are being data-mined for keywords. The system is ripe for abuse and runs counter to the legal idea of being guilty until proven innocent. Instead we are all suspects and privacy is becoming a quaint notion scoffed at by folks who use the tired and lameduck argument of “well if you have nothing to hide, no worries….” People need to ask themselves how much they really trust the authorities that have the power to take away this great tool for learning and freedom , the internet. Obama and various other officials have defended the program and called Snowden a traitor when in fact he has risked all to stand up against an unprecendented overreach of power.  For standing up to the police state his life will never be the same. Although his current whereabouts are unknown he will likely be harbored by China or Russia, those great bastions of freedom ! Oh the irony of it all……

The trend towards a police state that will make the Soviet Union look benevolent is still in full swing and there is even a list of dissidents/threats that has existed since the ’80s called Main Core.

Breaking News out of Turkey has the police breaking up the mass protests in Turkey after 18 days and the people remaining defiant

Iran has elected a more moderate president, Hassan Rouhani after over 72% of people voted

If only we could get that kind of turnout back home….

Meanwhile Iran is sending 4000 troops to Syria to support Assad while the US has aligned itself fully with Sunni Muslims ensuring further bloodshed in a conflict that has deep roots extending back hundreds of years


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