Snowden update, riots in Brazil over inequality, Portugal on strike, geoengineering causing drought? and more…

Over a million take to the streets protesting in 80 Brazilian cities perhaps inspired by the recent situation in Turkey?

Russia refuses to hand over Snowden to the US ; he remains in limbo in Moscow

Starbucks pays tax for first time since 2009 in UK all in an effort to make them not look so bad. This is standard practice for most trans-national corporations by the way. They only pay up when they get caught…

Ecowarriors destroy 6000 GM beets in Oregon

General strike paralyzes Portugal

Geo-engineering to fight global warming poses drought risk






Climate manipulation continues- the silent experiment

TPP agreement shreds sovereignty for all countries involved

Obesity now classified as a disease – bit of a controversial move,  paves the way for expensive drug-reliant interventions

Canadian infants carry over 100 toxins at birth

Zombie drug being used to steal from people in Colombia

Fecal transplants treat digestive woes

FOX reporters fired for reporting the truth about Monsanto

Anti-bank chalk graffiti gets 13 years in jail?

Whistleblower reveals World Bank corruption



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