Snowden update, Fukushima emergency, the ocean is too loud! , garlic detoxes lead, etc.

Snowden granted 1 year asylum in Russia; his encrypted email provider Lavabit is forced to shutdown by US gov

XKeyscore- the program that collects everything you do on the internet

The situation at the Fukushima complex is in fact far worse than the lies that have been circulated for the last 2 and a half years by TEPCO and the Japanese government

Greeks reconnecting power illegally to low-income folks

Chinese buying up Detroit real estate

1 week of camping can restore circadian rhythm

Garlic found more effective than synthetic drug to detox lead

Conservationists call for ocean quiet

Yellowstone wolves spur recovery of bears’ berries- an interesting example of how complex ecosystems can be

New treatment for MRSA from ocean microbe

Lab grown meat makes it’s debut

Jamie Oliver wins lawsuit against McDonalds over their disgusting meat


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