Back to School, Back to War…

War drums are beating loudly with the bombs aimed at Syria, John Kerry has been a main mouthpiece lately despite having been cosy with Assad in ’09 ; the US is itching to wage war despite not showing definitive proof that the Assad regime carried out the August 21st chemical attack that killed hundreds of civilians; the US funded Al Qaedaesque rebels may have staged the attack to provoke a response but the UN inspectors were only tasked with confirming that the attack took place not WHO did it; Britain has voted against supporting the strikes but France/Turkey/Saudi Arabia are in support of action; there are some in the US military who don’t support intervention in Syria’s 2 year old civil war and really the picture says it all; Obama has decided to let Congress and the Senate vote on the matter but says he may act unilaterally regardless of which way it goes, must be nice to be above the law! Despite the frequent claims about wanting to protect civilians, this is about war profits for defense firms and neutering a major regional ally to Iran.

The Japanese government has pledged $473 million to build an ice wall to contain the radioactive leaks at Fukushima

Mainstream researchers conclude that Fukushima is nothing to worry about

But hey it’s not all bad out there, check out this telescope being worked on in Chile set to be complete in 2020

Man actually possesses super strength

Salmonella in spices? Food safety questioned

South American countries gripped by snow

Facebook friends change your credit score



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