Back from Vacation…

I recently spent my precious time off in the Amazon rainforest experiencing plant medicines firsthand and focusing on healing the body. It’s amazing how immersing yourself in the wonder of nature can really facilitate deep mind/body/soul healing and inspire new ideas. I feel blessed to be able to travel and have these experiences and I’ve made some great friends and contacts along the way.

My philosophy on life has been affirmed and certain things have been clarified. What is my philosophy you ask ? In many ways it parallels how I look at riding a motorcycle which is a purity of mind characterized by the idea- No Fear, Just Go. Fear and worry only attracts what you don’t want to you.

Life is short and therefore it benefits us to grab onto the things that are good while we can and make the most of our time. Stressing about time and rushing around only makes things worse so the Taoist principles of balance come into play here. You can always make more money but you can never make more time. Life is easier when you are open and trusting of people but intuition is sometimes needed in order to detect that rare 1% of folks who are truly psychopathic and/or deceptive. Find your gifts; develop and share them with the world. We are all drops in the pond so make sure the ripples you create are good ones for the folks around you. Speak your highest truth about the things that really matter.

Many questions remain though since life is ultimately a great mystery and there is always more to learn. I love to learn though so it’s OK. Here is a taste of the kind of artwork that inspires me and captures the essence of journeying in the jungle…


As far as news in the world goes…..

Great article here about the benefits of working less

Antibiotic resistance growing says CDC report; gonorrhea at epidemic levels “The cushion of new antibiotics is gone,” Solomon told “We’re right at the edge of this cliff where we’re approaching the post-antibiotic era.”

Critical phase at Fukushima fast approaching and a petition has been started to get more international help to the Japanese

Whole Foods whistleblower says employees were trained to lie about GMOs

Major milestone reached in the hunt for viable fusion technology

UN mission to destroy Syrian arms under way

Saudi black ops behind Syrian chemical attack claim diplomats

Pills made from poop cure serious gut infections in cases where antibiotics fail

Brazil accuses Canada of spying after leaks

US army plans primitive ‘Iron Man’ suit within 3 years

Obama nominates Yellen to take over from Bernanke as head of the Federal Reserve; unfortunately the institution will still be a private bank that entrenches the status quo ; the war on savers especially seniors will continue

Regarding whether the debt ceiling should be raised, there’s a fundamental question behind that– “if the Constitution gives to the US government the authority to make and issue public currency without interest, why for the last 100 years has the US government borrowed all the public currency at interest from a privately owned central bank?” he asked. The historical irony is that America fought a revolution to be free from this kind of predatory banking. – Michael Rivero

Interesting article attempting to show the politics of Saudi Arabia, US, Iran diplomatic relations; house of Saud not too happy at the moment with the US


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