JFK 50 years on, protecting your DNA from radiation, Google’s creepiness continues and much more…

What you can do to protect yourself from imaging radiation (X-rays/CT scans)

Google patents lie-detecting, mobile-connected throat tattoo

Occupy Wall Street buys $15 million of American’s debt to wipe it out

Silver nanoparticle technology questioned

Interesting piece on the tough as nails women of Chernobyl who refused to leave their homeland and many ended up outliving their peers who evacuated

Worldwide forest changes mapped by Google Earth

Cable industry finally admits that data caps have nothing to do with congestion

Wikileaks releases the text of secret TPP agreement(largest-ever economic treaty) which has far-reaching implications esp for medicine, civil liberties, and internet service

London researchers learn more about cancer’s diversity and highlight the failures of current drug-based treatments

Spiritual healers team up with conventional doctors to fight the plague in Uganda

Food waste and overeating threaten global security

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination which still remains shrouded in conspiracy theories and questions about the official story. Rather than wade into the cesspool, I’d just like to point out that his death was a major event of significance for the older generation. He was the youngest president ever elected to the post and he inspired hope and optimism for positive change. Obama has inspired similar sentiments in recent history, but has failed to deliver largely because the whole system surrounding him is corrupt and broken.

JFK is associated with the disastrous Bay of Pigs intervention in Cuba, but should perhaps be remembered as the president that ultimately drew back from the brink of a nuclear holocaust with Russia. The tense standoff eventually led to his administration’s signing in August 1963 of a treaty to ban all nuclear tests except those conducted underground.

Puppet masters script mainstream media reports


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