December musings and headlines

Christmas draws near … a time of reckless consumerism, pretty lights, and family bonding. Perhaps now might be a good time to take stock of what you own and assess whether these things are really needed. How much do your ‘things’ own you! What could be put to better use by someone else? What do you really need? What really makes you happy?

Canada approves sale of genetically modified salmon eggs – ‘Environment Canada said it had granted a US biotechnology firm, AquaBounty Technologies Inc, permission to export up to 100,000 GM fish eggs a year from a hatchery in Prince Edward Island to a site high in the Panamanian rainforest. ‘ Strange times as we tamper with nature for profit and to meet our insatiable appetite for fish in a world where the UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that of the 600 marine fish stocks monitored by FAO:

3% are underexploited
20% are moderately exploited
52% are fully exploited
17% are overexploited
7% are depleted
1% are recovering from depletion
Source: FAO’s report “Review of the State of World Ma
rine Fisheries Resources”, tables D1-D17,
Something to ponder before feeding yourself, your cat or your dog fish for dinner ….

What nature does for us…

Bhutan set to become world’s first fully organic country

Solar lamps reduce use of toxic kerosene in Africa

Swedish police state rising as full surveillance ramps up

Scientists call for economic overhaul to avoid climate crisis

Amazon testing drones for deliveries

Human intelligence declining says geneticist

Banking changes to way service is delivered mean more job losses to machines

Obama defends tentative nuclear/sanctions easing deal with Iran; Israel remains unsatisfied


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