2014, perhaps the year we all wake up from our unconscious lives?

Thieves have breached the wireless security barrier for cars and now have devices allowing them to break in silently

Top 13 Underreported News Stories of 2013

Top 25 Censored News Stories of 2013

Dolphins massacred in Peru – it’s getting harder and harder to look at environmental news as a whole and believe we aren’t headed for a cliff of some sort….

Harper’s war on science continues

Young people in the UK feel they have nothing to live for

Facebook falling out of favour among teens

Fukushima Perspective  also the US Gov recently made a huge purchase order for potassium iodide pills, the kind you would take to protect yourself from radiation affecting the thyroid

How to reduce your risk of radiation from Fukushima– an excellent guide

The only leverage we have is extreme frugality– not a news piece but an interesting read nonetheless, given the huge challenges we all face

The Story of Stuff– this has been out for 7 years already but it’s worth watching if you’ve ever wondered about such things as ecological footprints…


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