January headlines

Artificial sunrise projected on screens for Beijing citizens shrouded in pollution

UPDATE: the artificial sunrise article has been called out as being sensationalist and a fine example of shabby journalism since the screen was actually part of a tourism ad and the sunrise is only up for 10 seconds

Crime gangs used Freemasons to corrupt UK police

Supercomputer takes 40 minutes to model one second of brain activity

Ottawa opens doors to BC fish farm expansion, 11 companies file applications (despite the 2011 Cohen Commission report that recognized farmed salmon as a threat to wild salmon)

NSA Using Radio Waves to Hack Into Computers Worldwide

January 15th, Democracy Now

In the latest of the revelations surrounding U.S. surveillance, The New York Times reports the National Security Agency has planted spying software in close to 100,000 computers around the world. The software allows for monitoring those machines and the creation of a new digital pathway to launch cyber-attacks on others. It works even if computers are not connected to the Internet by using a covert channel of radio frequencies. Reported targets since 2008 include the Chinese and Russian military, Mexican police and drug cartels, European Union trade institutions, and U.S. allies including Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan.

British doctors prescribe books for depression

Indonesia attempts to create more long term jobs by not allowing raw ore to be shipped out of country (economists would call this a protectionist move)

Norway shows an alternative way to manage oil wealth, in stark contrast to Canada’s approach

Seeds on the line in Canadian agriculture bill, Harper gov intent on selling out the needs of the people to big agri-corps

Stressed? Call in a pug!

pug life!

pug life!


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