Early February update

Cancer ‘tidal wave’ predicted for developing nations -while this piece correctly points out that prevention is not receiving enough attention, it fails to make any mention of chemical toxins as a major root cause of cancers.  Case in point- the ‘Dirty Dozen‘ – these are the worst chemicals that have been banned in developed countries but are still used in developing countries around the world mainly as the agricultural pesticides chlordane and toxaphene.The US still exports chlordane to countries around the world. Chlordane is known to remain in some soils for over 20 years.

Instead the article focuses on alcohol, smoking, and obesity- all valid of course and preventable but unless we remove chemicals that are persistent and accumulative in the environment we’re shooting ourselves in the foot in the long-term battle.

Wifi banned from preschool in France

Chile removes mercury from vaccines

Some California communities running out of water as 10 year drought continues

Hawking says there are no black holes, but grey ones instead

Genetically modified purple tomatoes en route to market; developed in Britain , produced in Canada, said to have more antioxidants

Sport drinks unnecessary for most people

Chrome browser has an eavesdropping bug


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